At Frens Chocolates, we are driven by our passion for both art and chocolate. Collaborating with talented artists, we infuse creativity into every aspect of our brand, from our beautifully designed boxes to our artisan chocolates. Our mission is to spread the joy of art and chocolate alike, while also supporting the artistic community. We proudly allocate a percentage of all proceeds to the artists who inspire us, ensuring that their contributions are recognized and valued. Together, we celebrate the union of artistry and indulgence, creating moments of delight for our customers and artists alike.

LeiMai LeMaow

An artist and designer from Liverpool, UK, blessing the world with her distinctive gold leaf pieces!

With her diverse background in graffiti, clothing and footwear, culminating in luxurious works of art created on glass. These creations boldly blend an unapologetic mixture of mediums, forging a unique modern style using ancient techniques.

Larissa Chaoul

Larissa Chaoul transitioned from architecture to becoming an artist, and became known for her vibrant colorful paintings featuring distorted faces.
Her entrance into the Web3 space in 2021 broadened her international audience, allowing her art to resonate globally.
Chaoul's work, celebrated for its emotional depth and unique style, has been showcased in different galleries in Paris, Dubai and Toronto and featured in high-profile ad campaigns, including brands like Maserati.

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